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Barrow in Furness , United Kingdom
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Piel Castle

In the online camera there is Piel Castle (Fouldry Castle, Pile of Fouldray) of the 14th century, located on the southeastern tip of Piel Island at the mouth of the deep-water harbor of Barrow in Furness.

As you can see in the live broadcast, Piel Castle stands on a low clay hill at the highest point of the island of the same name. It consists of a fortress with an inner and outer castle surrounded by a moat with towers at three corners.

An interesting attraction – Piel in the online camera, is popular with tourists.

Barrow in Furness

Barrow in Furness, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is a city and seaport in Cumbria, England. Several Neolithic sites were found in its vicinity, and in the 7th – 9th centuries, the area in the webcam was attacked by warlike Vikings.

During the Middle Ages, on the Furness Peninsula with the city of Barrow, where the online camera is located, there was a large Cistercian abbey of the Virgin Mary Furness. Later, the abbey became the second largest in England after the abbey in Yorkshire.

Barrow, where Piell Castle is located online, was a miniature village until imposing iron ore deposits were discovered in its vicinity in 1839, and by the end of the 19th century, the largest steel mills in the world were located here.

In the middle of the 19th century, the shipyards of Barrow, broadcasted online, began the production of naval vessels. In 1886, the first submarine in the world was built on the territory of the city for the Ottoman Empire. And in 1901, the first submarine for the British Navy appeared. Many flagships of the Royal Navy and most of the nuclear submarines, ocean liners and oil tankers went to the water from the docks of Barrow in Furness, from where the online stream is coming from.

The city in the web camera was significantly damaged during the Second World War. In 1963, the Barrow ironworks was closed.

Nowadays, Barrow with this webcam has become a power generation center. The concentration of wind turbines off the coast of the city in the live stream is the highest in the world. There are 162 turbines in total here.

In 1985, gas was found in an online live camera in a bay near Barrow, which led to the construction of a gas terminal in the city.

Barrow, shown online, is one of the few cities in the UK where development has always gone according to plan. In the city center, a large number of buildings of the Victorian era have been preserved: the public library building, the town hall building and others. Within a radius of 40 km from Barrow in this webcam there are Sellafield and Heysham nuclear power plants.

The attractions of Barrow in Furness include the Barrow Museum, which tells about the history of the formation of the city. It was housed in an old dry dock. Of the natural beauties, the Walney Island Nature Reserves deserve attention. Of the historical ones – the ruins of Furness Abbey.

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