Lindisfarne Castle

Northumberland , United Kingdom

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Lindisfarne Castle

There is in a webcam one of the most famous English medieval castles – Lindisfarne castle, founded in the 16th century. As you can see well in the online broadcast, the citadel is situated on top of a rocky hill. The location of Lindisfarne Castle, demonstrated in live stream, is the Holy Island, next to Berwick-upon-Tweed, in Northumberland.

In the early Middle Ages, the Holy Island, where this live stream is conducted from, served as a refuge for the monks community, founded in 635 by the Irish preacher St. Aidan. Lindisfarne Castle, shown online, was the starting point for the spread of Christianity in northern England.

The first monastery was plundered by Vikings during their raids. The castle in the webcam, was rebuilt in 1082 in honor of St. Cuthbert.

Lindisfarne Fortress, shown in live camera, is located near England and Scotland border. It had a key role in the history of the castle, which you see in a webcam. The main role of the castle-fortress was to defend the English ships in the Lindisfarne harbor from the attacks of the Scots and the Vikings.

The castle construction, which is being broadcasted in live camera, began in 1550 by order of King Henry VIII. For its construction was used stone from the Lindisfarne monastery, not functioning any more.

In the period from 1570 to 1572, the castle, where the webcam is directed to, was fairly well fortified. The former monastery was used as a storage room for ship equipment.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the Lindisfarne castle, displayed online, was renovated. New platforms were built for the powerful artillery guns installation.

The union of the Scotland and England thrones made by King James VI (I), led to the strategic importance decrease of the castle in this webcam.

In the 18th century, the Lindisfarne castle, which the online camera is aimed at, fell under the control of the Jacobites. But a little later, the fortress was liberated by soldiers from the Berwick garrison.

In the 19th century, the citadel, located in the background in a live stream, served as a coast guard post, as well as an attractive tourist center.

In 1901, Lindisfarne Castle, shown on a webcam, was acquired by Edward Hudson, publisher and founder of Country Life magazine. The new owner gave to the fortress the appearance of the “Arts and Crafts” style. Now the castle in this live broadcast combines formal and informal, as well as classical and local elements of architecture.

In 1944, the Lindisfarne castle, shown online, as well as the garden and nearby lime kilns, were transferred to the “National Trust” organization.

Lindisfarne Island

The English Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which houses the same name castle in this webcam, is located on the border with Scotland. As mentioned earlier, in the year 635, the missionary Saint Aidan arrived on the island and began to spread the Christian faith among the local population. An interesting fact: twice a day, at low tide, a path (the so-called “pilgrim road”), directed to the island, appears here. This 5 km path is marked with staves. Tourists visiting the Lindisfarne Island get acquainted with the abbey ruins, Lindisfarne castle, stayed on the hill shown in the online webcam, as well as the bird sanctuary with merlins and bar-tailed godwits.

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