Chojnik Castle

Jelenia Gora , Poland
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Jelenia Gora

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Chojnik Castle

This webcam is located on the famous Polish Chojnik Castle,  in the town of Jelenia Gora on the top of Chojnik Mountain in Krkonoše (Karkonosze).

A steep staircase goes to the peak in the online camera, and on the north-eastern side of the mountain, under the castle, there is a 150-meter cliff to the “Hell Valley”, which also falls into the lens of the web camera.

Chojnik Castle, shown in the online broadcast, was erected in the 13th century. At the beginning of the 16th century, the citadel was rebuilt, high walls appeared. On August 31, 1675, during a thunderstorm, the castle you see in live camera was struck by lightning, which caused a strong fire that destroyed part of the castle. After the incident, Chojnik Castle, perfectly demonstrated by a webcam, became non-residential, turning into an important tourist attraction of the region.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the tourist infrastructure appeared on the territory of the castle: restaurant, hiking trails, souvenir shop, guides with excursions, hotels.

After the Second World War, in 1945, Chojnik Castle you see online, again opened its doors to guests. Since 1991, there have been major competitions in crossbow shooting. In 1993, the castle turned into the headquarters of the Knightly Brotherhood of Chojnik Castle, which regularly holds exciting knightly tournaments here.

Chojnik Castle, which view you can enjoy in live feed, has a fascinating legend associated with Kunigunde princess, the daughter of the owner of the castle. Many fiances tried to win the heart of the beauty, but everyone was refused. Then the princess set the condition: she will marry only one, who in full outfit, riding a horse, travel around the walls of the castle. This task was impossible, because on one of the sides of the castle there is a cliff. Brave knights died, falling into the Hell Valley, shown in this live stream. But one of them nevertheless coped with the task. The princess reciprocated, but the knight refused her because of her cruelty to others. Desperate, she threw herself from the cliff and died. People say, nowadays, in the vicinity of the Chojnik castle, where the online broadcast comes from, you can see the ghost of a horse rider.

As mentioned at the very beginning, the castle is located among the Karkonosze Massif. Its highest point is Mount Sněžka (1603 m above sea level). It rises on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Karkonosze are a quite high mountains for Poland, which offer amazing views of the surroundings, such as the view from the castle of Chojnik, provided in this online camera.

While in Karkonosze, visit the picturesque natural attraction — the 30-meter Szklarka waterfall, located on the river of the same name, surrounded by magnificent forests.

Besides its beauty, the Krkonoše Mountains is an excellent ski resort with mountain and flat trails. In the Krkonoše Mountains you can also have a great rest in summer. There are hiking trails equipped among mountains and forests, passing lakes and waterfalls. A significant part of Karkonosze mountainous territory in 1963 was awarded the status of a national park.

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