Khabarovsk cliff

Khabarovsk , Russia
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Khabarovsk cliff

In this webcam, you can clearly see one of the main attractions of Khabarovsk – the Amur or Khabarovsk cliff.

On the majestic cliff in the online camera, there is a huge monument to Governor-General Muravyov-Amursky, erected in 1891. The names of the participants of all the rafts of the Amur expedition are carved on it: G. Nevelskoy, N. Boshnyak, M. Venyukov, K. Budogossky, L. Schrenk, R. Maak, K. Maksimovich, etc.

The symbol of the city is the Khabarovsk cliff, which is shown in a live broadcast, is located on the Nevelskoy embankment, which is also an important attraction of the main city of the Far East, Khabarovsk. From this iconic place in online footage, the history of the city began.

The Amur Cliff, shown by a web camera, is the pride of local residents, a favorite recreation area and a sacred historical place.

In 1858, on the territory shown online, in the untouched taiga, a detachment of the thirteenth Siberian line battalion, led by commander Yakov Vasilyevich Dyachenko, landed. The stone cliff, where the webcam is directed to, stood out noticeably from the greenery and was reflected in the Amur waters. An incredibly beautiful natural landmark, broadcasting in an online camera, became the site of a camp, then a military settlement, and even later – the village of Khabarovka, which laid the foundation of the city of Khabarovsk.

September 5, 1918 – the black date in the history of the Amur cliff in live stream. On this day, a whole regiment of Austro-Hungarian musicians was tortured and shot here. As a tribute to the memory of the 18 people who died, a memorial plaque was erected on the wall of a building known today, erected by the architect Starikov 70 years ago on a rocky ledge above the Amur.

In this building, military air defense observers were first located, then a rescue station. After the building was taken over by the Khabarovsk Central Park of Culture and Leisure, an observation deck was installed here: you can admire the magnificent views of the Amur and its environs.

Nowadays, the Amur Cliff, shown in the online web camera, is the most picturesque place in Khabarovsk, beloved by both Khabarovsk residents and guests of the city. People, walking along the embankment, climb the cliff to enjoy the sunset and the incredible beauty of the Amur.

On the Khabarovsk cliff in this webcam, newlyweds often come and plant young trees, and young people make dates here. Amur Cliff, broadcasted online, is a great photo background.

The Amur Cliff, where the online camera is located, is a great place for observing fireworks and other city holidays.

The Khabarovsk Cliff, shown live, has been restored several times. The last time the cliff was reconstructed in 2012. The foundations of the building and observation deck were strengthened, engineering networks were updated, walls were reinforced, the exterior decoration of the building was renewed, the platforms were paved with gray granite, spectacular lighting was made, balusters, balustrades and columns were faced with white pearl granite. An exhibition hall has been opened in the building where the NI Grodekov Museum of Local Lore is now working.

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