Lake Baikal

Irkutsk , Russia
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Lake Baikal

There is the live stream to the deepest lake in the world – Baikal. This lake is the largest repository of the world’s freshwater reserves. The length of Lake Baikal, which is perfectly visible in  webcam, is 636 km, and the length of the coastline is about 2000 km. Web camera online is located in the Irkutsk city region. Most part of the lake Baikal is the protected object.

Into Baikal, which you see online, flow 300 rivers and streams. From the lake goes only Angara River. There are about 20 islands on the Baikal reservoir, the largest is Olkhon Island.

The best period for holidays on Baikal you see in live camera, is from May to October. In the summer, besides excursion programs, hiking and fishing, you can have a great time on the beach. In the winter season there are all conditions for snowboarding and skiing.

The most popular resorts of Lake Baikal in the webcam are: Listvyanka, Slyudyanka, Olkhon, Bolshiye Koty, Peschanaya Bay.

Best beaches of Baikal online are: Barguzinsky Bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay, Yarki Island, Posolsky Sor, Enkhaluk, Maloe More.

Besides this, on the Lake Baikal, where you can see excellent online broadcast, there are several wellness resorts: Goryachinsk (wellness center, the part of the Baikal Harbor recreation zone), Khakusy (thermal waters source, located in the vicinity of the singing Turali sands, Aya Bay and the mountain lake Frolikha), Cape Kotelnikovsky (resort with very hot springs (+81 C) and walking routs to Chersky Mountain and Kurkule River), Dzelinda (with 10 radon thermal springs (+44 C)), Goudzhekit (wellness resort), Shumak (alpine valley with dozens of mineral springs of different temperature and salinity levels), Zhemchug (village with hot springs in the Irkut River).

There are most popular ski resorts of Baikal with the web camera are: Baikalsk (the ski area is located on Sobolina Mountain (1004 m)), Eastland (resort at an altitude of 725 m), Mamai (best place for free ride), Bull Mountain, Davan (iincludes a ski slope on Bear Mount).

The suburbs of Lake Baikal, which panorama is demonstrated by webcam online, is rich in a variety of animal and plant worlds. This picturesque region has the status of the word importance reserve, surpassing Madagascar and the Galapagos Islands. In the Baikal region there are three national reserves and two natural national parks.

In total, there are about 30 sources on Lake Baikal you can see online. The most popular are located in the Tunkinskaya valley (Arshan, Zhemchug) and in the north of Baikal (Khakusy, Dzelinda, Solnechny).

There are interesting sights here: “Singing Sands”, Bystrinsky Falls, Uluntuyskaya Cave, Baidinsky Caves, Circum-Baikal Railway.

There is Cape Burkhan – one of the 9 shrines of Asia and the visiting card of the Baikal island Olkhon.

Fans of active rest should climb the Chersky peak (2090 m), with the beautiful alpine Serdce Lake (Heart) located at the foot.

It is interesting to see the ideal form holy mountain Ekhe Erdo.

In the region of Lake Baikal, which you can see in webcam, is the head of the Buddhists of Russia residence and one of the important Buddhist centers of Siberia and the Far East – the Ivolginsky Datsan.

The location of Lake Baikal in the live footage, is not only on the Irkutsk territory, but also on the territory of the Buryat regions. There is Barkhan-Uula Mountain, one of the 5 main Buryat holy places of Baikal.


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The climate in the Irkutsk regio, where the live stream comes from, near Lake Baikal is extremely continental. Thanks to Baikal, a special microclimate is maintained here. In winter, it is slightly warmer than in other areas of Siberia, and cooler in summer.

Weather forecast in Irkutsk for 7 days is available on our website online.