Plaza Mayor

Salamanca , Spain
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Plaza Mayor

Live stream to the largest and most beautiful square in the Spanish city of Salamanca – Plaza Mayor. This beautiful old square you see online, is furnished in the style of Spanish baroque, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, benches with souvenirs and other retail outlets. Around the square there are several buildings in the Baroque style, decorated with sculptures and reliefs depicting the great Spaniards.

The construction of the Plaza Mayor Square, which is clearly visible in online webcam, began in 1729 and ended 30 years later. The area was conceived as a place for bullfights events. For 100 years on the Plaza Mayor in this webcam, was hold the corrida.

In the end of 20 th century Plaza Mayor in live broadcast became the World Heritage of UNESCO object. The city of Salamanca with the square, perfectly demonstrated by web camera, is known as La Dorada – “Golden City”. And the Plaza Mayor showed in live camera, itself is a sample of the center of the “Golden City”.

The main attraction of the square with our live steam is the tower El Reloj (Clock) and 88 arches. The house of the Town Hall is crowned with five granite arches and a spire.


The city of Salamanca, where the live broadcast comes from, is one of the oldest cities in all Spain. Due to the large number of historical and architectural monuments, Salamanca was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is interesting, the modern city has not changed much, preserving the spirit of the Renaissance. The most interesting part of Salamanca is the Old Town, in its center is the Plaza Mayor, which you see in live camera.

A little aside are the Old and New Cathedrals. In the 12-13th centuries the Old Cathedral of the Romanesque style was built, now a museum is opened here. In the 16th and 18th centuries a New Cathedral was built in Gothic and Renaissance style. Palacio de Anaya (18th century) is currently used as a faculty of the university. The university itself is considered to be the oldest in Europe (founded in the 13th century). Today Salamanca with this web camera, is famous as a center for language tourism.

Curious to visit: the Casa de los Abarca palace and Casa de las Conchas palace, the church of the monastery of San Esteban, the el Claustro de los Reyes gallery, the monastery of Las Duenas, the Clavero tower, Columbus square with the sculpture of the famous seafarer in the center.

Must do in Salamanca:

1. Find the famous astronaut on the portal of the Old and New Cathedrals.
2. Admire the wonderful beauties of Plateresque architecture style.
3. Enjoy the views of the cathedrals from the Roman bridge (Puento Romano).

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The climate of Salamanca online, is continental. Winter is cold and dry, the approximate temperature is from 0С to 15С. Summer is hot, the temperature varies between 18C – 30C.

Weather in Salamanca for 7 days is available on our website online.