Villajoyosa seaside

Villajoyosa , Spain
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In this PTZ webcam you can get acquainted with the coast of the Spanish town of Villajoyosa (La Vila Joiosa), or just La Vila. It is located on the Costa Blanca near the Mediterranean Sea between the resorts of Alicante and Benidorm, from where there is also a live broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website.

Villajoyosa, shown online, is not rich in historical sights, but there are many magnificent beaches, picturesque bays, colorful houses on the coast and famous chocolate factories. It is in the city, whose shore is visible in the webcam, Valor chocolate is made.

The name of the city of Villajoyosa translates as “a city that brings joy.”

The coastline of the Costa Blanca, which falls into the lens of an online live camera, is occupied by beautiful bays and Villajoyosa is no exception. There are about 3.5 km of magnificent sandy beaches and a huge number of small and large bays.

The best and most famous beach areas of Villajoyosa where the online stream comes from are: the sandy Centro Beach (Playa Centro) and the sandy and pebble El Paraiso Beach (Playa el Paraiso).

El Charco Bay (Cala El Xarco) gained fame for its picturesque views. From there you can clearly see Torre del Charco watch tower. On the left side of the bay there is a picnic area. Swimming here is uncomfortable, because the large pebbles coast.

Other pretty and quiet bays of Villajoyosa online are: Bon Nou (playa del Bon Nou), Estudiantes (Playa Estudiantes) and Varadero (Playa Varadero).

Of the few historical monuments of the city, the coast of which is clearly visible in live feed, the walls and watch towers that protected Villajoyosa from pirate raids deserve attention. Also in urban areas you can find the ruins of ancient Spanish settlements and Roman terms.

Of the religious tourist attractions, it is worth attention the small Catholic church of the Assumption of Our Lady. Its entrance is decorated with four arches and a miniature Virgin Mary sculpture.

The old part of the city of Villajoyosa, which shore this webcam shows well, is Arsenal, located on the coast.

An outstanding city attraction is the colorful fishing houses in the city center with this live camera. Also, on the streets of the city almost everywhere you can see trees and poles decorated with bright knitwear.

In Villajoyosa, part of which you can see in the online live camera, grows a giant olive tree La Olivera Grossa, dating back more than 2500 years.

At a distance of 32 km in the direction of Alicante it is interesting to visit the caves of Canalobre (Cuevas del Canelobre) with bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. Classical music concerts are often held in this cave.

Villajoyosa you see in web camera, is rich in interesting events. So, at the end of July, crowded parades are organized here. One of them is the festival of “Moors and Christians” (Moros y Cristianos) has gained the greatest popularity among tourists.


In Villajoyosa, that demonstrated online, there is Mediterranean climate. The sun shines all year round. Summer is quite hot, with an average temperature from May to September – +27 C. In July and August, the air warms up to +32 C. The sea breeze slightly alleviates the heat. Winter in the city is warm, around +15 C. The coldest months are January and February with temperatures around +10 C.
Weather forecast in Villajoyosa for 7 days is available on our website online.

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