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Potes , Spain
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There is a nice live broadcast on the town of Potes – one of the most beautiful settlements in Cantabria. Potes, which you see online, is the National Park of Spain route starting point. As perfectly visible in the webcam, Potes is located in the valley between the mountains, surrounded by mountain ranges, whose peaks are often covered with snow.

Currently, Medieval Potes is the capital of the miniature municipality of Cabezón de Liébana. The city you see online, located in a picturesque landscape with four valleys region among the mountains and two rivers: Deva Rivet and Quiviesa River.

Potes, which is perfectly visible in the webcam online, gained fame as a city of Roman bridges and medieval towers. The most popular towers erected in the 15th century are: Infantado Tower (City Hall) and the Orejon de la Lama Tower (Witchcraft Museum).

Besides the delightful architecture, Potes in the live camera, is attractive for its famous gastronomy. So, every year, on the second weekend of November, a grand festival in honor of the local moonshine Orujo is held here. Interestingly, almost in every souvenir shop in Potes city showed online, you can buy local traditional products: wild boar and deer sausages, homemade orujo, liqueurs, cheeses, beans, chickpeas, milk confectionery, red onions and garlic, walnuts, potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkin!

Every Monday a local framers’ fair is held on the main square of Potes.


Cantabria, where the city of Potes with  webcam is located, is a Spanish autonomous society. Cantabria is located between the Cordillera Range and the Bay of Biscay. Nearby, there are: Basque Country, León, Castile and Asturias. Locals call Cantabria – “Land of joy.”

As you can see in webcam, the area of Cantabria is predominantly hilly. There are 3 geographical zones: coastal La Marina, mountain Montaña and south with Campoo territory.

The capital of Cantabria is the city of Santander. Other major cities: Torrelavega, Castro Urdiales.

In Cantabria you see in web camera, there are 6 protected natural areas, the most famous of which is the natural de las Dunas de Liencres bird park (the dune complex by Pas River).

The real treasure of Cantabria online, is the Peaks of Europe National Park, stretching over 700 square km.

The province in this online camera, is concentrated a large number of archaeological sites of the Paleolithic era. For example, the cave of Altamira with a curious rock painting is included in the UNESCO heritage list. This cave is called the Sistine Chapel.

So, as Cantabria in the web camera, is located in a certain isolation from other areas of Spain, a distinctive culture “pasiego’ was formed here. In the local Ethnographic Museum in Muriedas, you can get to know it closer, as well as to see the interesting housewares of Cantabria residents.

Across all Cantabria online, there are traditional two-story houses with dual-slope roofs called – casa montañiesa


The climate of Potes city, which panorama is perfectly demonstrated by webcam in live broadcast, is oceanic. Summer is warm and not hot at all, winter is mild. Since Potes is located in the mountains, there are occasional temperature fluctuations. Often precipitation falls in the form of rain, and in winter – in the form of snow.

Weather forecast in Potos for 7 days is available on our website online.

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