Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Magadan , Russia
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Magadan Trinity Cathedral

In this webcam on the left you can see well the famous Orthodox religious monument of the city of Magadan – the Magadan Trinity Cathedral. The temple, shown online, is the largest Orthodox cathedral in the Far East, covering an area of more than 9 thousand square meters.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity with the live stream on the Baltic Live Cam website, is also the highest church in Russia: its central dome rises up to 1.2 meters. In total, the cathedral shown in this webcam has five domes, visible from anywhere in Magadan. The temple, perfectly demonstrated online on the left, is made in the style of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture. On both sides of the Magadan Trinity Cathedral main entrance there are chapels, which also fall into the lens of an online live camera.

The cathedral, where the webcam is directed to, has two temples: the lower and the upper. Also, inside there is a covered cottage, room for a parish school, conference hall, refectory, baptismal hall, workshops and engineering support premises. The central chandelier of the upper temple is decorated with icons, openwork gilded chains and castings. The floor of the Trinity Cathedral is covered with Ural granite, which is used for the Star of Bethlehem in the center of the upper temple.


The port city of Magadan, where online broadcast is conducted from, is located in northeastern Russia, around the hills on the Tauiskaya Bay shore of the Sea of Okhotsk, on the isthmus connecting the Staritsky Peninsula with the mainland between the picturesque Nagaev Bay and Gertner Bay.

Extreme tourists mainly come to Magadan in the live stream. They are attracted by the wild and beautiful nature of the Far North and pay a visit to the Magadan Reserve.

Winter in Magadan, whose Trinity Cathedral is shown in an online webcam, lasts 7 months. Summer is short. But despite this, there is a sandy and pebble Nagaevsky beach in the city. The complete lack of infrastructure does not prevent local residents from having a great short summer on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Especially crowded on the beach in July and August. People rarely bath here, since the summer sea temperature in the summer reaches only +16 C. The maximum air temperature in summer is also low, only +20 C.

The most important architectural attraction of Magadan is the Trinity Cathedral shown in this webcam. It was built from 2001 to 2008 in memory of repression victims.

Another religious monument in Magadan you see online, is the Descent of the Holy Spirit Church of 1992.

The main natural attraction of the city, the main temple of which is visible in a live broadcast, is Nagaev Bay with a magnificent view of the Sea of Okhotsk and coastal hills.

In the Magadan Regional Museum of Local Lore and the Museum of Natural History, you can get acquainted with the history of the region.


The climate in Magadan, part of which is shown in this webcam is subarctic with elements of the marine monsoon climate. Winter is very long, frosty and windy. Summer is short, cool and wet. Often there are fogs. August is the warmest month in Magadan with a temperature of about +15 C. January is the coldest month when the average temperature is −16.4 C. Weather forecast in Magadan for 7 days is available on our website online.

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