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Novy Urengoy , Russia
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Novy Urengoy

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Novy Urengoy Town square

This webcam shows the central city square of the Novy Urengoy, with the Palace of Culture “Oktyabr”. Nearby there are Rostelecom office, the cultural and sports center of “Gazodobytchik”, “Rosreestr”, “Rosgosstrakh” and other important enterprises and organizations of the city.

In summer, the Town Square, shown online, becomes a platform for citizens recreation and walks, roller-skating, skateboards and scooters, as also this is the main meeting place. In winter, the fabulous Ice Town is located on the square in a live broadcast. There are ice figures that adorn the square. Besides, in winter the esplanade lights up with bright lights. Children can ride the slides. It is on the Town Square of Novy Urengoy, which you see in the webcast of the online stream, important city events are organized, as also a stage for the holidays is set here.

Novy Urengoy

Novy Urengoy in the live camera is not only an unofficial gas capital of Russia, but also one of the most vibrant cities with amazing white nights that can be observed here throughout the summer!

Novy Urengoy, perfectly shown online, located in the north of Western Siberia, at a distance of 60 km south of the Arctic Circle line near the Evoyakha River – a tributary of the Pura River.

Sights of Novy Urengoy

Novy Urengoy, the area of which this webcam demonstrates well, is rich in interesting sights, among which it is worth highlighting the 5 brightest.

Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov

Not far from the Arctic Circle there is the picturesque temple of Seraphim of Sarov, called by “Urengoy miracle.”

“Helicopter” shopping center

A unique shopping center that attracts tourists from afar is the “Helicopter”, on the roof of which there is a real helicopter.

Novy Urengoy City Museum of Fine Arts

This museum opened its doors in 1984. It stores local artists’ graphics and paintings. The museum periodically organizes thematic meetings.

Monument to the Borodino brea

A monument in honor of Borodino bread appeared in Novy Urengoy, whose center is visible in an online camera, in 2012 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812. It is a chopped rye bread brick composition.

Monument to the first train

When Novy Urengoy in the web camera, was just under construction, the first TEZ-3003 train with food and construction materials arrived in these region. Now guests of the city can get acquainted with the historical locomotive, which rises on a pedestal near the railway station building.


In Novy Urengoy, where the online broadcast is conducted from, there a sharply continental climate. Winter is very long and cold, with an average temperature of -20.7 ° C. Summer is short (only a month) and cool, with an average temperature of + 17.1 ° C. Weather forecast in Novy Urengoy for 7 days is available on our website online.

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