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Murmansk , Russia

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In this live broadcast you can see well one of the central districts of the city of Murmansk, as well as the famous Murmansk Regional Drama Theatre of 1985 – the largest in the Kola Arctic region. The Murmansk Drama Theatre, which is shown in a webcam, is the International Theater Festival “Polar Star” organizer. The Hero city of Murmansk, from where the online stream is conducted, is the largest ice-free Russian port beyond the Arctic Circle, Russia’s icebreaker base and the “Arctic Gate”.

This amazing city you see on live camera, is not rich in historical monuments, but despite this, it attracts tourists with its unique nature, numerous war memorials and, of course, the northern lights.

Murmansk, well shown in a HD live camera, is famous for its long polar night, which falls on the period from December 2 to January 11 and a bright polar day lasting from May 22 to July 22. During a dark winter, a rare light phenomenon such as the several suns emerging in the sky is often observed. Also, in Murmansk in the web camera, you can enjoy such a characteristic these latitudes phenomenon as the Northern Lights.

The main center of urban life in Murmansk, the view of which is shown by an online camera, is concentrated near the Five Corners square, surrounding by the harmoniously located buildings of the second half of the 20th century.

The lack of vivid historical sights are compensating by the large number of monuments: the 1918 intervention victims, the Hero of the Soviet Union A.F. Bredov, Northern convoys dead ships, the first Russian icebreaker “Ermak”, Cyril and Methodius, the Zeleny Mys (Green Cape) memorials.

In the south of Murmansk there is the most important religious symbol of the city in this webcam – the Cathedral with St. Nicholas Cathedral and Pechenga Monastery.

Of the entertainment activities in the city, where the online camera is located, it should be noted the North Holiday or the “Polar Olympics”, held in the middle of the polar winter in the “Valley of Coziness”.

During the New Year holidays, the Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival takes place at the Five Corners Square.

Murmansk houses the most modern Russian museum – Murmansk Regional Museum, founded in 1926. Other interesting museums of the city are: Murmansk Regional Art Museum, Museum of the History of Polar Olympics, Murmansk Shipping Company Museum, Northern Fleet Naval Museum, Museum of the Fishing Industry of the North Basin.


Murmansk, the view of which you see in this online stream camera, is located in the Atlantic Arctic temperate climate. In January, the average temperature is around −10 … −11 C. Frosts are a rare occurrence. In July, the average temperature is about +12 … + 13 C. Sometimes warm continental air masses come to the city from the south or from the southeast, when the air temperature warms up to +25 C, very rarely – above +30 C. The most rainfall period is from June to September. The cloudiest period begins in August. Snow cover lasts until May.
Weather forecast in Murmansk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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