Сathedral of the Archangel Michael

Arkhangelsk , Russia
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Сathedral of the Archangel Michael

In this beautiful webcam you can get acquainted with the snow-white and magnificent Сathedral of the Archangel Michael (Archangel Cathedral).

Under the arches of the beautiful temple, shown in a live broadcast, the great Moscow princes and Russian tsars’ rest in peace: from Ivan Kalita to Feodor Alexeyevich Romanov.

It is generally accepted that the white-stone Archangel Cathedral, where the online camera is directed to, was erected in 1333, on the site of an old wooden church, which had to be dismantled. The construction of the cathedral was led by Prince Ivan Kalita, who was the first to be buried within its walls.

From an architectural point of view, the Archangel Cathedral, shown in a webcam, is a five-domed and five-apse building, located on 6 pillars. The walls are made of white stone bricks. The temple was built in the Russian style with typical Venetian Renaissance basilicas details. The central golden dome of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, where the live stream comes from, has a hemispherical shape, 4 side domes in the shape of helmets are made of silver.

Divine services in the church in this online camera are held only on patronal holidays and memorial days on Radonitsa.


Arkhangelsk, whose cathedral you see in the live camera, is one of the oldest cities in the north of Russia. The city was built by decree of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Modern Arkhangelsk, the most beautiful attraction of which is shown in the online camera, is the cultural and historical capital of the Russian North with many ancient buildings, museums and interesting events.

The territory of Arkhangelsk online, is divided into 9 districts. Northern, Solombalsky, Tsiglomensky, Varavino-Factoriya – occupy sleeping areas.

Oktyabrsky district is a vibrant historical center with the main attractions of Arkhangelsk: Museum of Artistic Culture of the Russian North,  Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore, obelisks and monuments. A monument to the Lenin is located on Lenin Square, and not far from the Northern Dvina embankment there is the Lutheran Church, where a large operating organ is stored.

Lomonosov district is also central. It houses the Petrovsky Park with a drama theatre.

Those who wish to swim in the summer, it is better to go to Severodvinsk, on the Yagry island.

The most successful panorama of Arkhangelsk, the webcam with the temple of which is posted on the Baltic Live Cam website, introduces views of the Northern Dvina.

There is also a Gostiny Dvor of 1668-1684in the city. This is the oldest building in Arkhangelsk with the live camera: commercial and defensive buildings complex, with one tower and a wall fragment that have been preserved to date. Inside the building there is the Museum of Local Lore.

Another attraction of Arkhangelsk in the live feed, is located on the embankment of the Northern Dvina – this is the Old Mansion Museum of 1786.

Of the monuments in the city, the greatest attention is usually paid to the monument to Emperor Peter the Great.

Other interesting significant buildings in Arkhangelsk you see in online footage are: courtyard of the Solovetsky Monastery, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, monument to the Great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, building of the former brewery, merchant mansions of the 19th century.

The most unusual house in the architectural sense is the Marfin House, designed in the 19th century. The modern building is a copy of the old house.

Outside Arkhangelsk with the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in this online camera, on the island in the delta of the Northern Dvina lie the remains of the Novodvinsk fortress, erected by order of Emperor Peter I.

In Arkhangelsk with the live broadcast, there is the oldest in the city and extremely northern in Russia 800 m long Severodvinsk bridge.

Of the religious monuments, besides the Cathedral of the Archangel in this webcam, the Lutheran Church of St. Catherine of 1863 is worth attention.

Museums of Arkhangelsk: Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore will tell about the city; Museum of Art Development of the Arctic stores route maps, navigation instruments and other items from expeditions to the Far North; Museum of Fine Arts tells about the culture of the Russian North; The Arkhangelsk Literature Museum stores rare books, diaries and photographs that belonged to poets and writers; The Northern Maritime Museum tells about the life of sailors.


The temperate maritime climate of Arkhangelsk online, is affected by the cold White Sea and the neighboring Arctic. Winter in the city is long and snowy. Summer is cool and short. Weather forecast in Arkhangelsk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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