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Norilsk , Russia
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Theatre Square in Norilsk

The webcam shows the Theatre Square in the city of Norilsk, located in front of one of the best and most famous theatres in the Krasnoyarsk region – the Norilsk Polar Drama Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.

In winter, a snowy town with a slide solemnly decorated with a New Year tree and beautifully illuminated ice and snow figures at night appears on Theatre Square in the online camera.

In summer, the square in live cam is transformed into a venue for various mass events with performances by pop artists and musical groups.


Norilsk, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is one of the coldest settlements in the world.

All the most important sights of the city in this webcam are concentrated on the main highway of Norilsk – Leninsky Prospekt: ​​the State Museum of Exploration and Development History of Norilsk Industrial District, the Drama Theatre in the online web camera and the reindeer sculpture installed in 2006.

The oldest landmark of the city, where the web camera is located, is the first wooden house of 1921, where geologists, who came to study the coal seams discovered earlier here spent a winter.

In 1996 on the Pushkin Street in Norilsk, shown in the online camera, the northernmost Orthodox church on the planet of the icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” was erected. And two years later, the northernmost Muslim Nurd-Kamal Mosque appeared in the city.

A peculiar attraction of Norilsk in this webcam is the almost uninhabited Old Town.

One of the most popular excursions in Norilsk, the square of ​​which you can see online, is a visit to the Krasnye Kamni gorge in the Kharaelakh mountains, famous for its two-stage waterfall, interesting relief and unusual color of the rock. Climbing and hiking enthusiasts tend to come here. Krasnye Kamni is located north of the Norilsk-Talnakh region, which can be reached on foot from the city center.

To the east of Norilsk, where the live broadcast takes place from, the large basalt Putorana plateau originates – the Putorana Reserve, one of the most inaccessible, wild and beautiful places in Russia. There are steep cliffs, mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks, haze-covered gorges, rocky landscapes. The plateau ranks first in the country for the number of waterfalls.


The climate in Norilsk, where the webcam is located, is subarctic and sharply continental. The maximum air temperature was recorded in July and amounted to +32.5 C. The coldest month is January with a temperature of -57 C and a long polar night. The frosty winter in Norilsk lasts 8 months. Over the entire winter period, up to 2 million tons of snow falls on the territory of Bolshoy Norilsk. Summer in the city in the online camera is short and often rainy. Weather forecast in Norilsk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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