Stepan Razin Embankment

Tver , Russia
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Stepan Razin Embankment

The Stepan Razin embankment, shown in this webcam, is located on the right bank of the Volga River and runs from the city garden to the stadium. The promenade in live broadcast got its name in honor of the Don Cossack Stepan Razin. On the embankment in this webcam, buildings of the early 18th century have been preserved in the form of “continuous buildings”.

Since 1810, the right bank in the online camera was completely the pier of the Vyshnevolotsk water system, and before the formation of the cargo port and passenger river station, the promenade in the web camera was filled with ships. Later, the Stepan Razin Embankment, shown in a live camera, became a pedestrian zone and a popular place for walking and recreation among local residents. Since the banks of the Volga were severely eroded several times, they were reinforced with a granite parapet.

A monument to the Soviet and Russian poet, radio and TV presenter, Andrey Dementyev, was recently erected on the embankment in an online broadcast. Also among the famous attractions of attention are the “Zvezda” cinema, the House Voroshilov shooters and the Khozinsky estate.

In addition to the Stepan Razin embankment, where the webcam is directed at, there are other popular promenades near the Volga in Tver.

Afanasy Nikitin Embankment

The Afanasy Nikitin Embankment in the city of Tver, where this online broadcast is coming from, located on the left side of the Volga River. It originates from Tver at the river station (the mouth of the Tvertsa river) and runs to Artillery lane. In the past, it bore the names Zavolzhskaya (until 1923) and Pervomaiskaya (from 1923 to 1991). This embankment was first mentioned in the 17th century. It received its present name from the name of the Tver traveler Afanasy Nikitin. On the territory of the embankment there are such attractions as: the river station, the Church of the Ascension of Christ, Cathedral of the Assumption Monastery Otroch , the monument to Afanasy Nikitin and others.

Embankment of Mikhail Yaroslavich

The Mikhail Yaroslavich Embankment in Tver, where this webcam is located, is the best place for fun and entertainment. There are a large number of outdoor cafes and bars here. In addition, there is an amusement park with a Ferris wheel on the embankment. On the banks of the Volga there is a monument to A.S. Pushkin is a popular tourist attraction. Also on the embankment there are monuments to Kalinin (on the site of the Spasso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral), and to Prince Mikhail of Tver. In the park, which is located on the shore, there are two old buildings: the building of the former real school, where a museum is open now, and the Imperial Traveling Palace.

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