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Novosibirsk , Russia
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The panoramic PTZ webcam shows different parts of the large city of Novosibirsk – the scientific center of Russia with more than 100 research organizations. Akademgorodok, the Presidium of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences work here, more than 1,500 doctors of sciences and 3,400 candidates of sciences live and carry out their activities.

Novosibirsk, where the live broadcast comes from, is the fastest growing city in the world with a population of one million and the third in the country in terms of population.

In the city shown online, besides traditionally Orthodox churches, peacefully coexist mosques, Catholic cathedral, synagogue, Buddhist temple and other religious buildings and centers.

Novosibirsk you see in live camera, is a sports city. Both professional and amateur sports are developed here. On the territory of the city there are 8 stadiums, sports, ski and biathlon complexes, ski resorts, Snowboard Park, swimming pools, motodrome, and kart track. All-Russian and international competitions, annual biathlon and Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments are constantly held. Also, Novosibirsk online, is an excellent playground for sports events.

Novosibirsk in this webcam, is a cultural city. Every year cultural events of national and international levels are held here: festivals of fiction (“White Spot”), documentary films (“Meetings in Siberia”), youth subcultures (Znaki), Celtic music and dance (Anima Celtica), snow figures, ethnic cultures , street theaters (Three Crows), light show (Siberian Lights), jazz (Sib Jazz Fest), craft beer (KraftFest) and others.

The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre is an example of the cultural heritage of Russia, it is one of the most significant musical theatres in the country. The “Globus” Youth Theatre hosts many festivals and concerts.

Novosibirsk in tthe webcam, is a city of cinema. Besides regular cinemas, there are several non-standard cinemas, including a car cinema and two movie clubs. Night views are organized in a cozy anti-cafe and on the roofs of high-rise buildings.

Novosibirsk, perfectly demonstrated in online stream, is an active city. Those who are passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle have a place to go. Bicycle rental points are open here, bike tours are held in the city surroundings.

It is convenient to rent a bicycle, roller skates and skis in Zaeltsovsky Park and the Botanical Garden. For fans of morning jogging, Novosibirsk with the live broadcast, offers about 7 places with tracks in parks and squares. There are also grounds in the city with horizontal bars and gymnastic elements.

In Novosibirsk, a panoramic view of which opens in a web camera, there is one of the longest and straightest streets in the world – Red Avenue. Its length is almost 7 kilometers.

The world’s longest metro bridge across the Ob River connects two stations of the Novosibirsk metro – Studencheskaya and Rechnoy Vokzal. Its total length is 2,145 m.

There are many wonderful places outside Novosibirsk in the web camera. For example, Barsukovskaya cave, several passages of which reach 200 meters; Belovsky waterfall and Lake Glubokoe; Umrevinsky prison (fortress of the early 18th century).

The most picturesque natural tourist routes in Siberia – Berd Rocks and Bugotakskie Sopki, are also located in the vicinity of Novosibirsk in this live camera.

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