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Brighton Beach

This HD Webcam NY, USA shows Brighton Beach where the ocean waves softly rolls onto the sandy beach underneath the pier. Many people choose this beach for a walk along the boardwalk where yesteryear lanterns and modern streetlamps are in juxtaposition. Cam online Brighton Beach shows one of the most popular ocean-side beaches in Brooklyn, NY. Brighton beach is a great beach for swimming in summertime and indeed you’ll see many sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the beach on the NY webcam online.

Brighton Beach, which is shown on New York live camera, is situated in what is known as Little Odessa. Most of the inhabitants of the Brighton Beach area hail from Odessa in the Ukraine. Now they can be seen walking in Brooklyn on live camera NY, USA footage. The Brighton Beach community is tight-knit and mostly speaks Russian, another testament to the cosmopolitan nature of New York, a city that is often captured on NY online cameras. Don’t expect to find any English conversations as you walk past the shops and food stalls. This community stick to their Russian heritage.

An atmosphere of tranquillity

The Brighton Beach boardwalk, which is shown on the NY webcam footage above, is full of people who are reminded of their homes back in Eastern Europe. Locals confess that Brighton Beach reminds them of the Black Sea.  Brighton Beach has an atmosphere of tranquillity, which is nicely captured on the NY online camera above. Little Odessa is place for families. Now and then you would find a street musician, but mostly Little Odessa is quiet.

Food and drink

There is a cluster of ocean-view restaurants on the main road, Brighton Beach Avenue, where locals get together to chat about what-nots, further entrenching the feeling of community in Brighton Beach. Shops and restaurants cater to Eastern European tastes and it is not unusual to find residents greeting the morning with a shot of vodka. Many of the delicious culinary items to be found at Brighton Beach restaurants are imported from Russia such as raki (crawfish) and Baltika beer. Whether imported or made on US soil, it’s easy to find Russian treats here at Brighton Beach. Think blackberry preserves and chocolate-covered apricots, not to mention caviar and vodka.  It’s hard to capture the quintessential Russian culture which is still alive in Brighton Beach on live web camera online.

culture on the Brighton Beach front

Brighton Beach Avenue is also the home the St Petersburg bookstore where many books written by Russian authors in the Russian language are sold. Visiting St Petersburg bookstore is a great cultural experience. Too bad the experience can’t be captured on a live web camera online.

Baltic Live Cam has many live web cameras online showing footage of mesmerising scenes all over the world. The Bronx is a popular spot for NY online cameras; you can see footage of the Willis Avenue bridge. The New York Brighton Beach webcam online is not the only online cam to show USA beach scenes. You can also watch the waves rolling in at Miami Beach. Furthermore, Live web camera online footage shows many scenes from the Baltic countries such as Latvia and Lithuania, where many of the Little Odessa community members hail from.