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For connoisseurs of surfing around the world, there is hardly any tempting place than the Banzai Pipeline in the north of Oahu (Hawaii), that you can see on webcam online. In winter, waves reach 10 meters, causing the rush of athletes and the audience’s horror. Hawai, where the live stream comes from, is the historical homeland of surfing. This place was also chosen by people who have no relation to sport. Winter time they come here with binoculars, because at this time of year you can see humpback whales migrating from Alaska. Tourist’s number in winter is not less than in the summer. On the islands live a lot of Hollywood celebrities, for example Cameron Diaz. Quite often you can see them attending beach parties.

Oahu Island

The island of Oahu, where the web camera is located, attracts more tourists than any other island in Hawaii. Green valleys, sandy beaches (there are more than 50 of them) with multi-colored sand: white, black, green, red. There are incredibly colorful sunsets and virgin nature. On the island with this webcam, there are almost 1 million inhabitants (75% of the total Hawaiian population), but the number of visitors is about 6 times greater than the number of indigenous people. In this part of the archipelago is located most of the attractions of the Hawaiian Islands online. There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure that meets the needs of the most sophisticated guests, both in beach holidays and in cultural leisure. Windy coasts of the island are great for various festivals and competitions in windsurfing and other sea sports in open water.

Oahu with this live camera, is the capital state of Honolulu. Here they filmed the series of LOST and films like “Jurassic Park” and “Pearl Harbor”. By the way, the naval base is also located here. Even some of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” scenes were filmed here. The south of the island is known for its beautiful beaches, and the Waikiki area has long become a place of pilgrimage for surfers from all over the world.

Gourmets will find dozens of amazing restaurants in Oahu with the web camera, specializing in the most diverse cuisines of the world. Fans of shopping will be delighted with many shops and fashion boutiques. And all the rest will appreciate exceptional views opening from local hills, ideal city beaches and wonderful parks, as well as an amazing variety of local architecture. Honolulu Chinatown deserves a special mention. This is one of the friendliest neighborhoods for pedestrian routes, with many restaurants with Asian cuisine and various authentic shops.

The natural beauty of Oahu, where the live stream comes from, make up the main wealth of the island and attract tourists from all over the world: majestic peaks of mountains, azure waters of bays, cozy valleys with pineapple groves. Local beaches, as also that you see on webcam online, are known for their excellent conditions for playing sports: Hanauma Bay, east of Waikiki, that also has webcam online translation, is ideal for snorkeling, has long been loved by windsurfers.

For fans of outdoor activities and hiking routes, it is worth paying attention to Mount Tantalus, which is specially equipped for tourists of different levels of training. Its height is just over 600 meters, and from the top of it is opening the picturesque panoramas of the island and nearby bays. Not far from it, is located the ancient antique temple, which is still the object of research. Also on the island in this online camera, there are charming waterfalls, which are traditionally included in tourist programs. The most picturesque is the Manoa waterfall, which is different in scale and surrounding natural landscape.

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Oahu Island, where the webcam is located, is almost 4,000 km west of San Francisco (USA, California) and is the most remote place on earth.

The average annual temperature on the island in this live stream camera, varies between 20 – 29.4 C. The winter months (November to April) are slightly colder with more precipitation. In general, the island has a comfortable temperature. Coastal waters warm up to an average of 24.5 °C.

The weather in Oahu (Hawaii) for 7 days is available on our website online.