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Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay in the webcam is a legendary picturesque beach of the archipelago. The coast in the online camera has gained its popularity with its ideal conditions for sporting events.

In winter, you can meet huge waves on the beach in live broadcast, in summer the ocean in the web camera turns into a quiet and calm coast, and the wide beach receives guests.

Waimea Bay, shown online, is the deepest on the North Shore, so it is safer to be on the central part of the beach in live camera. On the right side of Waimea Bay in the online camera the river of the same name flows into the ocean. A steep and slippery huge rock rises to the left of the coast in the webcam.

From November to February, Waimea Bay is full of surfers.

Waimea Valley and Oahu Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls or Waihi Falls, which is located in the bay area in the live cam, is one of the most accessible waterfalls on the island of Oahu, where the live broadcast comes from. It is located in the Waimea Valley, a unique Hawaiian botanical garden. The park is dedicated to preserving the cultural and archaeological features of the area.

The waterfall, 13.7 meters high, belongs to the Kamananui Stream, which flows from the northern end of Koʻolau Range on the windward side of Oahu through the Waimea Valley and flows into the Waimea River with the ocean.

In the past, the area was an adventure park, where guests were offered to watch cliff diving shows, ride ATVs and trams, as well as kayaks.

In 2003, the park was closed and handed over to the Audubon Society, which turned it into a botanical garden.

Waimea Falls Park is one of the best hiking spots on Oahu. The park offers guided tours, workshops and all sorts of activities. Several interesting performances can be seen in the main courtyard of the park. You can spend the whole day traveling through Waimea, taking in its beautiful scenery, waterfalls and incredible nature.


Oahu, where the live stream comes from, is the most populous and famous island of the Hawaiian archipelago. Here is the capital of the state, the city of Honolulu, on the territory of which the palaces and churches of the 19th century are perfectly preserved. The key attraction on Oahu is, of course, the beaches and surfing.

Among the local resorts, the most popular beach is Waikiki, which you can see in the webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website.

In total, there are more than 50 beach areas on the island where the online camera is located. The beaches of the Windward Coast delight fans of scuba diving, while the beaches of the North Coast (Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline, also shown in the web camera) are adored by windsurfers. Calm waters attract on the beaches of Lanikai, Ala Moana and Sandy Beach.

Baltic Live Cam have web cameras all around the world. You can find live streams of different reservoirs. For example, Neman river in Lithuania or Narva River in Estonia. Also, you can find famous Baltic beaches like Pirita and Majori.