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New York

In front of you in an online camera there is the panorama of New York City.

New York, where this webcam is located, has five areas that lie near the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Manhattan is the most popular district of New York in online broadcast and its hallmark. In this part of the city there are skyscrapers, international corporations’ offices, boutiques, luxury restaurants, expensive apartments. Manhattan also has its areas: Downtown, Middletown and Uptown. Here are the most striking sights of New York with this webcam: Broadway, Wall Street with the buildings of the Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, the Iron skyscraper and Empire State Building, as well as Times Square.

Another equally famous area of the city, the panorama of which you see in a webcam, is Brooklyn. From Manhattan there goes the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn is a popular habitat for creative people. The famous Coney Island amusement park and Brighton Beach are located here.

Queens is the most international part of New York in this online live camera. Also on its territory there are two international airports, the second largest Chinatown city, as well as a Bollywood films movie theater.

Of the sights, it is worth to be mentioned P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Steinway Piano Factory, Socrates Sculpture Park and Museum of African Art.

The Bronx quarter is the poorest and greenest district of the city, which skyline is shown by this livecam. There are Bronx Zoo, Yankee baseball stadium, Botanical Garden, Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum and the Shipbuilding Museum. A pleasant walk awaits tourists through the many gardens and parks of the Bronx.

The quiet and green Staten Island district can be reached by ferry or bridge. Attention in this quarter deserves Port Richmond, picturesque Park Hill and the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Of course, the main attractions of the city of New York, where the online stream is conducted from, are numerous skyscrapers, the most striking of which are: Woolworth building, Chrysler building, Empire State Building, Seagram building and Conde Nast.

It is impossible to imagine New York, where the live stream comes from, without the world-famous Statue of Liberty, located next to the Ellis Island National Museum at the mouth of the Hudson River.

A very popular place loved by tourists is the Museum Mile near Hyde Park. The Museum Mile is a section with 10 museums, located on Fifth Avenue Street.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museo del Barrio, New York Museum, Jewish Museum, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, Academy of Art, Guggenheim Museum and the New Gallery.

The longest street in New York, which panorama is shown online, is Broadway. There are a large number of theaters here.

The Financial District is home for the financial center of Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall.

Take a walk along Brooklyn Bridge and visit the world-famous Times Square, which houses the Biltmore Theater and the largest toy store in the world.

Rockefeller Center and a number of expensive shops are located on Fifth Avenue and Madison Street.

The best place to enjoy nature is Central Park, Pelham Bay Park and Fort Tryon Park.

Take a walk around Harlem, the African American history district with jazz clubs and soul food institutions.

In summer, locals travel to the small resort town of Ocean City.


New York with the live camera is a southern coastal city with a humid climate. It is very hot in July. Air temperature often rises above +30 C. Spring brings changeable weather with alternating snowfalls and warm sunny weather. Autumn comes late. In winter, in December-January, it is usually not lower than −1 …- 2 C.
Weather forecast in New York for 7 days is available on our website online.

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