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Colle d'Anchise , Italy
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Colle d'Anchise

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Colle d’Anchise

A panoramic view of the beautiful provincial town of Colle d’Anchise in this webcam acquaints you with a picturesque commune located in the Italian province of Campobasso in the Molise region. Check out these tiled roof dollhouses in the provided online camera!

Colle d’Anchise, where the live stream comes from, is in the neighborhood of Baranello, Bohano, Campochiaro, San Polo Matese, Spineta and Vinchiaturo.


The smallest region of Italy – Molise, where the webcam is located, loses in popularity to its neighbor Abruzzo. Only tourists who really appreciate history and nature are able to reach it. The capital of the region is Campobasso.

Molise beaches are mostly wild, located along the entire coast of the territory. Comfortable beach areas are available only in Termoli, where there is also a live webcam broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website. In turn, the beaches of Spiagge Centrali, Rio Vivo and Sant Antonio have been awarded the Blue Flag.

Molise in the web camera, with its three thousand years of history, is especially proud of such a historical landmark as the ruins of the city of Saepinum of the 2nd century BC. e. Other interesting monuments are: the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater, forum and basilica can be seen next to Pietrabbondante.

San Vincenzo – the medieval Abbey of the early 7th century in Volturno and the 12th century Duomo Cathedral in Termoli remind us of the medieval times in Molise in the live camera. The abbey is located 30 km northwest of the city of Isernia, near the fortress of the same name.

The capital of Molise online, the ancient city of Campobasso, attracts tourists to this corner of Italy. Monforte Castle, built in about 1000, is a striking monument of the city’s history. The citadel was rebuilt many times, so the fortress has been preserved to this day in excellent condition. In modern times, a meteorological station is located in the fortress. There are old churches and other buildings in the city that can attract history fans.

It is interesting to visit the archaeological Samnite Museum of Campobasso.

The most popular seaside resort of Molise is Termoli, whose beach is also shown by an live camera on the Baltic Live Cam website, as well as the capital of the region boasts interesting attractions. The 13th century Castello Svevo castle stands out.

Of the natural beauty of Molise, the Riserva Collemeluccio reserve occupies a special place, covering 3.5 sq. kilometers of picturesque lands.


The climate in the town of Colle d’Anchise, showed in this webcam, as well as in the entire region of Molise, is a bit harsh: in mountainous areas, the snow cover lasts several months a year. On the coast and in the Volturno Valley the climate is milder. In the middle of summer there is about + 20C, and in winter about 0C. Weather forecast in Colle d’Anchise for 7 days is available on our website online.

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