Ferrara beach

Ferrara , Italy
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Ferrara beach

In this webcam you can see the coast of the city of Ferrara in the Emilia-Romagna region. In summer, there are many vacationers on the beach in the online camera, sunbathing and swimming in the warm waters of the sea.

The city itself, where the live broadcast is coming from, is located in the east of the Padan Plain, in the delta of the Po River.

Modern Ferrara in the web camera has retained the luxury of the Renaissance, when it was the residence of the famous d’Este family, who ruled this territory from 1260 to 1598. There are many architectural sights here, of which it is worth highlighting several castles belonging to the aforementioned family.

The first of them – Palazzo Municipale is located in the northern part of the city in the online live camera in front of the Cathedral. It served as the family residence until the end of the 15th century, when the family moved to nearby Castello Estense.

Another castle – Castello Estense, appeared thanks to the watchtower of Torre dei Leoni, which by the beginning of the 13th century was part of the defensive structures of the city wall – the northern tip of medieval Ferrara.

By the middle of the 14th century, d’Este began to own a large quarter that reached the walls of the city. In an effort to improve the defense of Porta dei Leoni, the owners turned the watchtower into an impregnable fortress.

In the early autumn of 1385, in the city, whose beach is shown in the online broadcast, uprisings of the population began against oppressive taxes. The d’Este family had to make concessions to the crowd. After these events, the head of the family – Niccolo d’Este decided to build a new fortress, which was supposed to protect himself and his family. This fortress became Castello Estense.

Simultaneously with the above events, on the eastern side of Ferrara in the webcam, another castle was built – Palazzo Schifanoia, famous for frescoes of Francesco del Cossa depicting the months and seasons.

When designing the citadel, its architect Bartolino da Novara focused on the already existing fortress of Rocca dei Leoni, adding three new towers to it. The work began on September 29, 1385, the day of the Archangel Michael. For 70 years, the appearance of the castle has not changed, as well as its combat functions.

Of the religious monuments of the city of Ferrara in the online camera, attention is drawn to the Ferrara Cathedral of the 12th century with a three-aisled marble facade. The cathedral combines Romanesque and Gothic styles on the lower and upper levels, respectively. In the center of the facade there is a portico with a statue of the Madonna and Child. Above it there are bas-reliefs depicting scenes of the Last Judgment. The second portal of the cathedral, built in the 18th century, was previously surrounded by tiles with plots on the theme of the seasons, and now they are exhibited in the museum of the cathedral.


In Ferrara, where the live stream is from, summer is warm, humid and mostly clear, while winter is very cold with partly cloudy skies. During the year the temperature usually ranges from 0C to 31C and is rarely below -5C or above 6C. Weather forecast in Ferrara for 7 days is available on our website online.

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