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Costa Rei , Italy
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Costa Rei

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Costa Rei

There is a beautiful live broadcast on the coast of the picturesque little Italian town of Costa Rei.  This resort is located in the south-east of the island of Sardinia and belongs to the municipality of Muravera.

The special and main attraction of Costa Rei, whose panorama is perfectly visible in webcam, is its long beaches. Costa Rei attracts tourists also with excellent infrastructure: restaurants, bars, hotels, boutiques.

Costa Rei, you can see in  online camera, is a picturesque area with clear, transparent sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation and pleasant sea air.

The most famous beaches of Costa Rei: Capo Picci, Colostri, Feraxi and Mimose al Mare.

In Costa Rei online, there are two resort centers: Castiadas and Villasimius with popular beach areas, traditional cuisine and local handicraft products.



The municipality of Muravera, where the resort town of Costa Rei with  webcam is located, is the liveliest center of Sarrabus sub-region. It is located on the Flumendosa River.

From the historical and cultural attractions in Muravera you see in live camera, worth to see the church of St. Nicholas. Of the archeological monuments, there are megalithic complexes of Piscina Rei and Cuili Piras. On the territory of these megaliths are scattered many menhirs – stone megaliths. According to the results of numerous investigations, it was found that the menhirs should be used as stone calendars for the seasonal cycles research.

On the beach of Muravera, which panorama showed in live broadcast, there are 3 towers: Capo Ferrato, Tore Saline and the tower of Dieci Cavalli (Tower of Ten Horses), built here in the times of the Spanish conquistadors on the Sardinia Island. These towers served to protect from pirates.

Of the natural sights there are Feraxi, Colostrai, Torresalinas and Murtas ponds. They are located one by one along the coast. Also there are excellent beaches with white sand and transparent Tyrrhenian Sea waters.

Gourmets will appreciate the local products abundance. Muravera, where  live webcam is located, is known for its citrus groves and delicious oranges. Citrus Festival is celebrated in April. At this time in the historic center of Muravera with the online footage, there is a fair where you can buy bright, juicy and very flavored oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons and clementines, as well as try the national dishes of Muravera.



The climate in Costa Rei in the web camera, is Mediterranean. Thanks to the sea, winter is warm and mild. The summer is dry and hot, with an average temperature of 30–35 C. But the high temperatures are well tolerated, as the cool sea breeze copes well with the heat.

Weather forecast in Costa Rei for 7 days is available on our website online.

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