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Bari , Italy
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The webcam in the city of Bari shows the coast of the capital of the region of Apulia, located at the very base of the heel of the “Italian boot”.

Despite the large number of beaches, one of which you see in the online camera, the main attraction of Bari are relics of St. Nicholas, revered by both Catholics and Orthodox, brought to Apulia in the 11th century. They are kept in the basilica of the same name.

The city, where the live broadcast is coming from, is divided into two historical parts: Old Bari (Bari Vecchia) and New Bari (Bari Murattiana). The old part, where buildings from the pre-Roman period have survived, “occupied” the peninsula between the two harbors. Ancient Barium and its fishing harbor were known as early as the second century BC. e., during the period of Greek rule in the Mediterranean. After the important Trajan route appeared, the city in this online broadcast began to actively develop and turn into a commercial and cultural center of Southern Europe. Old Bari is filled with attractions: 29 temples, palaces, basilicas …

The most striking monuments of history and architecture in Bari, where there is a webcam, or rather Bari Vecchia, can be safely attributed to: Norman castle Castello Svevo (Via del Castello, Cosenza), Cathedral and private houses of nobles (Palazzo Zizzi, Calo Carducci and Tanzi ).

While in Bari, where the online broadcast is being conducted from, be sure to visit the aforementioned Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker. The basilica was built in 1087 with the aim of secretly transporting the relics of St. Nicholas here. The Orthodox Church appeared about 100 years later for Russian pilgrims who come here to venerate the holy relics. In March 2009, at a ceremony in the presence of the presidents of Russia and Italy, the church was officially transferred to the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Of the holidays in Bari, shown in the online live camera, in addition to the traditional Christmas, May 9 is the day of the city of Bari, and December 6 is St. Nicholas Day.

New Bari or Bari Murattiana began its history in 1819. At that time, by the decision of the city authorities, the part of the fortress wall facing the land was demolished. Thus, the space for new construction has expanded. Bari Murattiana was designed according to the most modern European standards of the time: straight streets, many gardens and squares, clear regulations for the use of building materials. If the old Bari is a historical city, then the new one is a city of culture and art. On its territory there are two theaters, libraries, an art gallery and a large number of beautiful squares with fountains.


Summer in Bari, the coast of which you see in the web camera, is rich in bright sunny warm days. Precipitation is extremely rare. The hottest time is in July-August. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the heat is easily tolerated. The swimming season starts in May and ends in October, the rainiest month of the year. Autumn and winter in Bari are mild and warm. There is no frost here. Weather forecast in Bari for 7 days is available on our website online.

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