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This live webcam shows the puppet city of Isernia, located in the province of the same name in the Molise region. In the north, it has a border with Abruzzo, in the south – with Campania, in the west – with Lazio.

As can be clearly seen in the online camera, the relief of the city is mostly mountainous, with vast forests, the virgin nature of which is of great value.

Protected areas in Isernia showed in web camera are: the area of ​​the Mainarde Mountains of the National Park of Abruzzo (Monti delle Mainarde), Lazio and Molise and two unique nature reserves in Collemeluccio and Monte di Mezzo, included in the UNESCO MAV – Man and the Biosphere. Also protected are: the Garden of the Apennine flora in Capracotta, the Natural Oasis of the WWF “Le Mortinet” in Venafro and the Sand Nature Reserve.

In the south-west direction, the mountainous terrain of Isernia in this webcam is replaced by hills and plains (for example, the Venafro plain).

The province of Isernia, shown online, has several rivers and mountain streams. The largest river is the Volturno River. There is a beautiful lake Castel San Vincenzo here.

In the city of Isernia, which panorama is visible in live broadcast, art monuments and natural beauty are harmoniously combined.

The most striking attraction of Isernia in this online live camera is the 15th century fountain “Fontana Fraterna”. The cathedral of the late Middle Ages and the church of St. Francis from 1222 are other interesting historical monuments.

Pay attention to the Palazzo San Francesco – a monumental building in the Gothic style. Now the municipality works in it. Of great interest is the Museum Santa Maria delle Monache, located in the former monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

In the archaeological site of Pietrabbondante, was found a Samnite city that existed between the 2nd century BC. and 95 BC. In its place were found two temples, arcade galleries, artisan shops and a theater.

In the province of Isernia with this live camera, there are many noteworthy museums: the Archaeological Museum in Venafro in the former monastery of Santa Clara, the Bagpipe Museum in Scapoli, the Museum of Folk Art and Traditions in San Pietro Avellana and the Museum of Bells in Agnone.

The most iconic building in the province, whose city is shown by the live camera, is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows in Castelpetroso. This temple, along with the skete of the Holy Healers Cosmas and Damian located on the hill, is visited by pilgrims from all over the world.

It is interesting to get acquainted with the medieval abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno.

Among the castles of Isernia in webcam, stand out: Pescolanciano and Monteroduni.

Isernia, where the live stream comes from, is also an excellent ski resort. Here is the famous Capracotta, located in the Apennines.

Fans of caving love to visit the Cave of St. Michael in Sant’Angelo in Grotte, geographically related to the town of Santa Maria del Molise.



Despite the fact that Isernia online, is located in the south of Italy, the climate here is not entirely southern. But still quite soft and warm. In winter, the air temperature is about +2 C, and in summer + 22C. Most rainfall occurs in autumn, especially in November. Due to its location by the sea, climatic conditions are mitigated by the breeze. Weather forecast in Isernia for 7 days is available on our website online.

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