Guitgia Beach

Lampedusa , Italy

Guitgia Beach

The live broadcast camera is located on one of the most famous and crowded beaches of the port city of Lampedusa - Guitgia. The beach with our web camera online is incredibly beautiful. Here is the soft white sand, turquoise sea and crystal clear water. Guitgia is very popular among tourists and locals. It is well equipped: even windsurfing equipment is on offer. This place of rest is very good for families with children.


The most southern part of Italy, island of Lampedusa is a real paradise for sun, sea, diving and nature lovers. The beauty of the African and Europe nature has united here. The north of the island is enclosed by impregnable rocks, and the southeast has beautiful sandy beaches, one of which - the beach of Guitgia is perfectly visible in our live camera. There are a lot of other great places to relax on the banks of two small bays: Pisana and Uccello.

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To the east there is cala Maluk, which belongs to a large bay. The miniature Greek bay (cala Greca or cala Galera), the Dead Sea beach (spiaggia di Mare Morto), the beautiful French bay (cala Francese) - are places worth visiting. Other beautiful bays of the island are: Cala Croce, Cala Madonna, Porto N'Tone, Pulcin.

In addition to rest in the most picturesque bays, one of which is seen in our online webcam, there are all conditions for active recreation on the island of Lampedusa. You can take a boat to travel around the island and enjoy the beauty of the local scenery. Fans of diving with scuba diving will appreciate the beauty of the underwater world off the coast of Lampedusa. Curiously, at a depth of 14 meters there is a statue of the Sea Madonna (Madonna del Mare). Divers adore Taccio Vecchio, with its beautiful underwater cave and parrotfish. Here is the cape Punta Cappellone, replete with tuna and other valuable fish. The life of the sea turtles (tartaruga Caretta caretta) opens on the shoals of the Levant (secca di Levante). For walking, the places leading to the mountains are very good: Monte Rosso, Monte Nero and Monte Vulcano.

Near Lampedusa there is the island of Isola dei Conigli and one of the most picturesque protected beaches of the Mediterranean with the head-dwelling sea turtles live and have eggs.

In the summer nights, on the seashore, many holidays are organized in Lapmedusa: burning bonfires, cooking spaghetti and grilled dishes, playing music sounds.

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In Lampedusa there is Mediterranean climate. It is warm and there is practically no rainfall throughout the year. This summer lasts 6 months.

Weather forecast in Lampedusa for 7 days is available on our website online.