Five Corners Square

Murmansk , Russia

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“Five Corners” Square

In front of you in the online camera there is the very center of Murmansk and one of its attractions – “Five Corners” Square. The “Five Corners” Square, perfectly shown in a live camera, is located not far from the station, this is the first significant place that guests of the city see. The place in this webcam is the center of Murmansk business, cultural and political life.

Its modern name of “Five Corners”, the square online, got in the 90s. Previously, the esplanade in this online camera was called the Proletarskaya Bow, Krasnaya Square (Red square), Arctic Conqueror, Soviet Constitution square. Not far from the area, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is located the Murmansk Regional Palace of Culture named after S.M. Kirov, on the site of which on October 4, 1916 was laid a stone for the future church of St. Nicholas of Myra. Thus, Murmansk with the web camera, had a date of birth and a starting developing point.

Before the Second World War, the “Five Corners” Square, where the webcam is aimed to, was very simple, without excessive luxury. Wooden barracks began to be built on the swampy wasteland, a narrow-gauge road was laid, and trading places appeared, where the Chinese ruled everything. The stone reconstruction of the square in this online stream camera began only after the war. The paving stones were replaced with asphalt, the log houses were replaced with brick buildings.

Despite the name of “Five Corners”, you will not find a fifth corner on the esplanade in this live camera. The square got its name due to the twists of the avenues of Lenin, Stalin and Vorovsky Street that met here. Together they formed five angles.

In the online camera you can also see several small green areas of the city. One of them is Five Corners Park, occupating almost 17 thousand square meters. m. It is located between the former Chamber of Commerce and the Palace of Culture. After reconstruction in 2015, a children’s playground was opened on the territory of the square, is operating a fountain, turning into an LED fountain in winter. Also, in this park there is one of the brightest sights of Murmansk – Codfish monument. There is also a curious scoreboard counting down the days, hours, and minutes till the centenary anniversary of the Arctic capital.

Another square, located next to the “Five Corners” Square in this live broadcast, is located on Leningradskaya Street, just behind the Hotel Arctic. At this place there was erected the first memorial of Murmansk – the Monument to the Victims of intervention. In 2015, this park area was also reconstructed: weeping fountains were appeared.

Other important tourist attractions and popular sites of the city located near the “Five Corners” Square in the online camera are: Administrative Office of the Murmansk Regional Government, Murmansk regional Duma,  Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library , Monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius, Puppet theatre, Anatoly Bredov Monument, Central Stadium of trade unions, Ice Palace of Sports, the Murmansk regional museum of local lore , Monument to the twin towns of Murmansk, Murmansk Shipping Company Museum , sea terminal, “Volna” department store, which is also broadcasts live here.


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