Panoramic view of Murmansk

Murmansk , Russia

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Panoramic view of Murmansk

This online camera clearly shows Kolsky Prospekt (Kola Avenue) – one of the main streets and transport artery of Murmansk. It runs from north to south through the Pervomaysky district.

As can be seen in live camera, the avenue is open around the clock for transport of large and small dimensions. Almost all the carriageway in this webcam there are trolleybus wires. Also, it is on Kola Avenue, where online stream is conducted from, there are majority of Murmansk suburban buses run.

The city of Murmansk, where the webcam is located, is called the Gateway to the Arctic. Murmansk cannot boast of exquisite architectural sights, but there are several “highlights” that can make tourists to look at the city and its significant places from the other side.

One of such attractions is a 20-kilometer bridge across the Kola Bay, connecting two shores. Of great interest is the beautiful St. Nicholas Cathedral with bright domes, visible even in bad cloudy weather.

The most important and popular place in Murmansk is the Five Corners square, which also has an online broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website. On the square there are many administrative buildings of the city and beautiful parks nearby. Here you can also ride horses, ponies, reindeers, visit a cafe or buy a souvenir.

The best panorama of the city, part of which is shown by an online camera, opens from the hill, where there is another important attraction of Murmansk – the Alyosha Monument, a statue in honor of local Arctic Defenders.

Another significant memorial complex is located on the ascent to Lake Semyonovskoye. There is the lighthouse and the Church of the Savior on Waters. The lighthouse stores the names of sailors who died at sea in peacetime, as well as the cabin of the sunken “Kursk” submarine.

In Murmansk, whose Kolsky Prospekt you can see in a webcam there is the route of the northernmost trolleybus in the world. There is also the most northern oceanarium.

Talking about the beauty of Murmansk online, it is worth mentioning its amazing nature. The city is surrounded by tundra, taiga, mountains, fjords and the icy sea. Fans of northern beauty will appreciate this region.

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