Volgograd street view

Volgograd , Russia
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Volgograd street view

In this webcam you can see two streets of Volgograd, located in one of the residential areas of the city: Parkhomenko Street and Hiroshima Street, on which there is a small stele with a sign: “The street is named after the sister city of Hiroshima. May 1987 “. Unfortunately, it is not visible in the online camera. In a live broadcast, it is interesting to watch the movement of cars and pedestrians, in a word, to follow the townspeople’s life.


Volgograd, where the online broadcast comes from, is one of the largest cities in the Russian Federation. Located in the center of the Volgograd Region on the right bank of the Volga River, the city has just over a million inhabitants.

Volgograd in this online camera is located next to the Volzhskaya HPP – one of the largest power plants in the Russian Federation, which construction has been going on for many years. Then, as at present, it provides electricity to a vast territory, including Moscow and the Moscow region. The Volga-Don Canal originates in the city.

For the first time Volgograd, where the webcam is located, is mentioned in written sources of 1589. In those days, the city with the street in live broadcast, was called Tsaritsyn. The settlement was founded at the intersection of the Tsaritsa and Itil rivers (today Volga). Trade routes ran through its territory, which led to the prosperity of this area. With the development of the city, the first steamships and wharves began to appear, a railway was built, and the population increased.

In the 20th century, Volgograd, where the live stream is being conducted from, was preparing to play a big role in the history of Russia. On the site of modern Volgograd, the Hitler’s troops began retreat during the Great Patriotic War.

In 1925, on April 10, the city shown on the web camera received a new name – Stalingrad, which went down in history after the famous battle – the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, lasted 100 days. It is known that more than 40,000 civilians died at this time. It is the Battle of Stalingrad that is considered the turning point that changed the course of the war. In honor of the heroes who won and died in the battle with the enemy, a memorial and historical complex was erected in Volgograd on Mamayev Kurgan.

The hero city with one of the districts in this online camera, was destroyed, so Volgograd had to be rebuilt almost completely. The constructors erected the central part of the city, further increasing its territory. The city has changed radically: not a single building remained from the time when Volgograd was called Tsaritsyn.

In 1961, on November 10, the city where the live camera is located, changed its name again – now it was named Volgograd. In 1965 it was awarded the status of a Hero City for the most important role in the Patriotic War and the history of Russia as a whole.

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